Kimi no Na wa (Your Name) Movie Review

Your Name (Kimi no Na wa) – A Breathtakingly Beautiful Story of Love and Hope

Kimi no Na wa Is a beautiful animation film from the Japanese director Makoto Shinkai. Your Name is a breathtaking romance tale that tells the story of a boy and girl who switch bodies and has been described as one of the best teen movies of the century.

The anime tells the story of Taki, a Tokyo high-school boy and Mitsuha, a small-town girl of the same age who inexplicably starts possessing each other’s bodies in randomly occurring daylong bouts. In contrast to many romance movies which have a scene where the couple meet and progress from, in Your Name audiences can never be quite sure whether the central couple could ever meet as they seem most times to be worlds apart.

In an unprecedented mix of body-swap, time-travel, and tragic romance, director Makoto Shinkai tells an unconventional romance story of Taki and Mitsuha, our main characters, which find out that they have a weird habit of waking up in one another’s bodies. In the beginning, Taki and Mitsuha can’t really understand what’s happening to them, attributing their out-of-body experiences to dreams and shrugging when they’re told how strangely they were acting the day before. Eventually, as the story progresses, they figure it out and begin leaving each other notes on their bodies and messages on their phones in an effort to communicate about their newly complicated lives.

From there, a strange relationship develops filled with the suspense of whether these two characters will succeed in figuring out who one another actually is and why the cosmos have seen fit to connect them in the first place. Throughout the film, the force behind their connection is left vague, but the film eventually explore the specifics of how it works as Taki and Mitsuha’s lives veer into the twists and turns of epic melodrama.

This vividly realized and emotionally satisfying feature has ensured that director Makoto Shinkai would become a household name in Japanese anime for years to come. Your Name is certain to appeal to not just teens but audiences of all ages are certain enjoy this masterpiece.

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