WOFEX (World Food Expo) Invades Cebu City




WOFEX or World Food Expo held its 9th Edition in Cebu City, as part of the Visayas Tour Expo. It happened last April 16-18, a three-day event held at the Cebu Trade Hall (located on the 4th floor) of SM City Cebu. WOFEX showcased all kinds of food business ideas and invited franchisers to give potential franchisees what they’ve got in store, when it comes to the franchising business. With thousands of restaurants and catering services scattered all over the metro and all over the Visayas region, WOFEX really helps a lot of people when it comes to franchising, sourcing durable kitchen supplies, learning from different seminars, and by networking with other people in the food industry, by gathering some of the best suppliers under one roof.

Before I could enter the Food Expo, I had to fill out a form with my name, email address, mobile number and address. I also had to check the most appropriate option I could find, which in my case is the Catering business (even though such business never existed for me) for the Main Business Line, along with who makes the purchasing decisions in your household.

Once done, I proceeded to the registration booth where there was a long line of people waiting to be registered. It took 5 minutes for my turn and the woman in black gave me a sticker with my name on it. After putting the sticker on my shirt for identification purposes, I went in and started taking pictures along the way.

My first stop was in front of the Besterm International Corporation booth. It is a company that is based in Makati, they supply all kinds of equipments. Whether it’s for baking, food processing, food service and refrigeration. You can view a catalog of their products by visiting their website at http://www.besterm.com.ph/.

My second stop was at the Asuki booth, they are an electronic scale corporation from Japan. They supply and distribute all kinds of industrial weighing scales to companies from solid waste to agriculture, petrochemical, food, transportation, retail, pharmaceutical and medical. As an electronic device, industrial weighing scales are found everywhere in households, meat processing plants, scientific laboratories, stores, shipping depots and warehouses. For more info about their weighing scales, visit their website at http://asukiscales.com/.





I passed by more than 10 booths along the way, the expo was jam-packed with visitors who went there to find suppliers of their business or to just simply look around and taste food products for free. I didn’t bother doing the free tastes, since there’s always a long line everywhere I go. But I would definitely try free food if I’m with someone, that way it’s not too embarrassing when I gobble up cakes and ice cream, Hehe…





Aside from suppliers presenting their products and business ideas, they also held seminars for everyone who is interested in knowing how to market their food business by using the power of social media. Below is the list of the seminar topics and costs, conducted by different speakers during the Expo:

DAY 1: April 15, 2015 (Wednesday)


10:00AM     E-Commerce, Email Communications and Customer Relationship Management

–               Storytelling and Content Marketing

6:00PM        Social Media Marketing and Community Engagement


Day 2: April 16, 2015 (Thursday)


10:00AM     New Restaurant Concepts and Designs

1:00PM        Kitchen Operating Procedures

4:00PM        Recipe Standardization : How to Optimize your Food and Beverage Cost


Day 3: April 17, 2015 (Friday)


10:00AM     Innovation in Hotel Concepts, What are the New Trends In the Market Today

1:00PM        Back to Basic : Management Training Going Beyond your Customers Expectations

4:00PM        Building Brand Loyalties


Day 4: April 18, 2015 (Saturday)


10:00AM     Catering Management + Expansion

1:00PM        Learn from the Expert : How to Create an effective Theme in a Corporate or Social Event

3:00PM        How to Close the Deal



PER TOPIC : P 1,000.00

PER TRACK: P 2,500.00 (save P500.00)

FULL COURSE: P 9,000.00 (save P3,000.00)




The World Food Expo really impressed me. Even though the venue was small, it didn’t hinder the suppliers to share their products and ideas, also for the people who are interested in knowing more about the food industry. It’s definitely one of those events that you don’t want to miss in your life. As someone who enjoys eating, it made me realize that it’s never too late to discover new things out there. If you have passion for cooking and are already skilled at it, I recommend going to Food Expo’s like this one. Not only can it make your culinary life easier by finding the best equipments out there, but meeting new people along the way who gives you tips and ideas on how to be a successful food entrepreneur, makes the experience worth your while.

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